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Fertility Services

We offers a complete range of services related to the field of infertility.

Basic investigations, blood tests, hormonal studies, transvaginal sonography , ovulation studies, sonosalpingography, diagnostic and operative laparoscopy , hysteroscopy etc. are available under one roof. Both male as well as female infertility related tests are available.

The clinic exclusively caters to infertility patients with detailed information compilation, examination & investigations. Individualized treatments are suggested based on thorough evaluation. Experienced & expert medical advice is rendered at all stages of the treatment which itself is closely monitored with personal attention & care.

Over the years several hundred ART babies have been conceived and delivered as a result of dedicated applications of ART techniques.

With rapid advances in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) , IVF & related techniques ensure that almost 80-90% of childless couples can be successfully treated to have healthy offspring.
Ovarian stimulation & ovulation induction
INTRAUTERINE INSEMINATION (IUI) is the simplest & most basic technique wherein the husband’s sperm is processed so as to improve motility, concentrated & deposited in the wife’s uterine cavity.
IN VITRO FERTILIZATION & EMBRYO TRANSFER ( IVF-ET) involves retrieval of eggs from the wife’s ovaries by a minor operative procedure performed under sonography guidance, fertilization of the eggs with the husband’s sperms in an incubator under optimal body-like conditions and transfer of the babies (embryos) thus formed into the uterus of the wife. Any infertile patient can avail of this treatment which requires the presence of a normal uterus.

INTRACYTOPLASMIC SPERM INJECTION (ICSI) has revolutionized the treatment of male infertility. This treatment is applicable even when very few sperms are available. In fact even in cases with no sperms in semen ( azoospermia – obstructive type ) , it is possible to directly remove sperms from the testes / epididymis with a very minor surgical procedure & inject these directly into the eggs to produce viable embryos & healthy children ( PESA / TESA / MESA ). Thus having one’s own child with a semen count of less than 1 million is a reality.

Also cases with azoospermia but normal testicular sperm production can avail of this treatment.
OOCYTE DONATION involves substitution of the wife’s eggs by those of a young donor. This is needed in cases where the wife is elderly or menopausal or has ovarian failure.

Fertilization of donor eggs with husband’s sperms is carried out followed by transfer of the embryos into the recipient’s uterus.

EMBRYO DONATION is done when there is no possibility of getting both eggs as well as sperms from the infertile couple but the wife has a normal uterus. Both eggs as well as sperms are taken from donors & the resultant embryos are transferred to the wife’s uterus.

RESULTS of the Treatments Done Results vary depending on the age of the wife, the cause of infertility, the treatment technique & the quality of medicines used. These range from 25 – 60 % and are comparable to the best in the field.

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